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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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the vacation is up, first thing in the morning, the montgomery county students are back to class. and in record fashion as well. thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. and i'm will thomasas they return, officials looking closely at the health situation. the h1-n1 is thrtening to make a big-time comeback. and administrators want to be ready for whatever happens. more on the story. >> reporter: hey guys let's first talk about the record- breaking enrollment figure. the reason why? the economy. this year many parents are forced to pull their kids out of private schools because they lost their jobs or they're just trying to save on the family budget during the tough times. a freshman pizza party here at the whitman hospital here. for some kids though, the first day at school may not be at the place they may he thought it would be. you see the economy prompted the parents to move them into the public school system.
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>> we expect somewhere between a thousand and 2000 kids who are entering our doors who were in private school last year. >> reporter: pat o'neill says that the largest school can handle the extra kids. what could be hard to handle is the outbreak of h1-n1. she knows all too well the virus is out there. >> i have a child in check college who was diagnosed with the flu test and only began college last wednesday, is already sick. >> reporter: the administrators will look closely at tudents who appear ill and will monitor the trends. it will be left up to the health department to determine if schools need to be temporarily shut down. >> i think it is a big concern for them. >> reporter: cheryl steinberg is looking at extra steps to help. >> i am sending in their
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lunches, a little wipe to wipe their hands before they eat so that will help. >> reporter: meanwhile, thefully is far away from their minds, after all, the first day of school is huge. all right, 500 new teachers and 16 principals will begin work tomorrow. most of those will fill the retirement situations. the budget will be very tight this year, no wasteful spending allowed. and a neighborhood mourning the loss of a well-loved neighbor, the 63-year-old man was shot in silver springs. witnesses say there was a group earlier at the home playing games and there could have been an argument there clarence rankin was known to help others and sponsored get-the togethers for the local jamaica community. >> he helped people, put them to the airport, everything. i don't know why a feud happened like that. >> the police did find a
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handgun on the scene but hadn't figured out who it belonged to. so far no arrests were made. and everywhere, deadly day on the waters, one died, two rescued after two boats collided at curtis creek. the coast guard found a dead man in his boat. the two survivors were found hanging to the side of their boat. the cause is under investigation. and a massive wildfire gaining ground tonight. some 2000 firefighters fighting the flames at least two people burned when they didn't evacuate and tried to ride out the fire storm in a hot tub. the mandatory evacuations forced thousands from their homes. other centers put up to help people forced from their homes. and looking at an incident. the senator announced he will propose measures to stop a similar crash from happening.
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schumer wants flights monitored below 2000 feet. and dick cheney lashing out at the administration, claiming they're using politics regarding terror suspects. on fox news he said he was proud of the bush tactics, saying it was responsible for keeping the country safe after september 11th. now to the battle over the nation's health care reform system. it is just one of the several issues waiting for president obama when he returns from vacation. without the help of senator kennedy the battle could be tougher for him. and as we learn, democrats on capitol hill may need to change their strategy. >> reporter: the death of ted kennedy could dramatically change the fight for health care reform for two reasons. one, he has been leading the charge for four decades. but for another, the vote needed for the majority has
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fallen. if they go for a partisan bill they may need the help from the senate. at a town hall meeting, harry reid said he may go partisan if he can't get a bill through. he told abc that lawmakers can learn a lot. >> one thing that kennedy had, he could bring together all of the base groups of the democratic party. they wouldn't take him on once he made up his mind. >> reporter: but kennedy had something others didn't have. he could afford to wait and didn't have to worry about a tax from the left. that is something earned over a 40-year career. >> kennedy had the knowledge and could make the compromises. he knew some would be unhappy, but he knew they would back him. >> so far there is a lot of talk from both sides but no action. next up on the health care
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reform side, the gang of six, the bipartisan group and others have a meeting. did you see it? a record set in mexico ty. they gave its participants something new. >> oh brings back memories, doesn't it? michael jackson's birthday gave them the occasion. more than 13,000 fans doing the thriller dance. but it was practiced. they had top designer as well working on the performance. michael jackson would have turned 51 yesterday. >> i learned that dance when i was a kid. it was a highlight for me. when we're done tonight, guess what you get to do? that one we have to see. all right, ikea, and the protest next. and first up. a chilly start to the morning. that will be one of those
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thriller, quite a few warm moves i guess. light jacket or sweater, that is what we're talking about. will, talking about the details. we'll be right back. 
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. well i hope you enjoyed today. temperatures in the mid-80s because that has come to an end as we move through -- into tomorrow. cooler air headed our way.
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take a look to the west. 58 in pittsburgh this hour. 61 in cincinnati, the cool air moving our way. right now though, 76 at national, 71 at roanoke. looking at tonight, cooler than it has been for sure. northerly wind flow with temperatures in the low 60s and 50s as well. over the potomac highlands we could see the overnight lows anywhere from the mid-to-upper 40s even. so very much on the chilly side. let's look at true view, a storm to talk about, take a look here down to the south off the southern edge of the baja peninsula, off the coast of northern mexico. threatening a category four hurricane. it is hurricane jimena, getting intense. so it bears watching a lot. hurricane watches already in effect for this area, as a category four, trust me, that is very, very powerful. looking at the tropics now we have another system we're looking at here. possibly this could be a
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tropical depression. this disturbance here over the next two to three days needto be watched as well. now it is near the islandings moving its way easterly. and as we take a look at the fox live radar, maximum high definition radar, seeing to the south along the frontal system. the storms, some of the moisture could go up to the edge there, a passing shower here. so the weather maps threaten, tonight, very much on the cool side as we head through tomorrow. we'll see a low pressure system slide along this stalled front that is here. and that could cause some of the rain that we saw to the south. and plenty of sunshine. but a cooler day than it has been. the day planner showing you by the mid-day, roughly about 72 degrees or so so. daytime highs in the low 70s across the board. five-day forecast, lots of sunshine right across until we hit the areas of friday. but also a slight chance, a passing shower to the south on monday. at the ends of the week, monday, warming up to the 80s
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by thursday, friday. fall folks. be prepared. back to you. >> thank you. and a future giant coming you under fire for the new catalogue, but it is controversy that is on the outside. >> yes, the furniture is a great buy, ikea, taking the edge off tonight. it is their first change in 50 years, take a look at the difference. switching the type from future to veranda, who knew it would cause a problem between the fans? one said words can't describe the disgust. there is an on-line petition to get the company to switch back. >> i don't see the difference. >> everybody is saying oh. >> okay, moving on. redskins have one more practice game to go before they start to keep score for real. but you would agree, front office, coaches keeping score.
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>> a rude homecoming for a quarterback, dave ross here now with the approves, previews. >> and cutler was alost a redskins, but now in chicago, then back in denver, following what we call full circle. take a look, listen to the reaction hegot by his former fans. >> reporter: not that you didn't want to hear it, he is trying to get the play call -- >> you got to love it. the meanness of the fans, the responses i get from my ex- girlfriend. but i changed. we got a lot of information on the sports cast. >> oh man, that is a good one. okay, that does it for us. if you want information 24-7, fox 5 news is he is he is red ias > >on air, on line, geico
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sports extraxt with a very red dr. coming your way. cu.esnd pcu
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